Do not submit adult, gamble, hate sites, and any website that promotes illegal activities.
We do not accept redirect URLs or website that is under construction.
Deep Links are accepted for "Featured Listing" package, and not for "Standard Listing" package.
Please use website name in the title instead of keywords for SEO purpose.
Only English version websites are allowed (non-enlish websites will be added to Regional category).

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  1. Free Listing ,  One Time Review Fee: FREE!

    You can add your site for free, however it is up to our editors if they want to accept your site or not. If your website does not show up in our directory within a week or two, it simply means our editors have not approved your listing. If accepted your listing will be permanent and it will appear below premium listings.

  2. Standard Listing ,  One Time Review Fee: $9.95

    Guaranteed review within the next 2 business days. Your listing will be permanent if accepted. Listings appear below featured listings. If your site gets rejected we will refund your money back.

  3. Featured Listing ,  One Time Review Fee: $29.95

    Your premium listing will be displayed above all listings in your websites category and will never expire. Featured Listings are placed first in their category, thus insuring that they receive most of the traffic and PR strength. Your site will be reviewed within 1 business day!

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